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  •  I remember that moment when Obama showed up (5+ / 0-)

    on screen and Sasha on the stage called out "Hi Daddy" with such enthusiasm.
    That "Hi Daddy" struck me as way unfair. Who could not vote for the dad of the "Hi Daddy" girl.

    They've really kept the girls out of the spotlight but I do like seeing them
    Remember when some toy company was making Sasha and Malia dolls after he won? They nixed that and I understand parents doing that. But I was a little sad too because I thought of the black and white doll experiment done over the decades  (1930s and 2006). You know how it turns out that little black kids look at identical dolls except for skin and hair color and always pick out the white doll as good and pretty and the black doll as bad and ugly etc. Just broke my heart as I watched the 2006 report. Not as much as it broke the heart of the parents, shocked to see their child's reaction.
    If the decades had not changed that I hoped/hope the Obamas in the White House would and will help make a difference. I liked the idea of little girls having those dolls (and I never liked dolls).
    But even without those dolls may every little child know that they are wonderful. Even as an agnostic there was a line in the bible I loved and used and thought all parents should use, amended as needed.
    Sometimes I'd use it straight up "You are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased". Sometimes "You are my beloved son with whom I am really irritated" or "Who I am grounding for 3 days" or whatever.
    But beloved.
    Here is to Beloved Children.

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