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  •  I wish the party would leave SS & Medicare alone. (7+ / 0-)

    But they seem to be headed, like dutiful lemmings, towards the chasm of political irrelevance. Anyone who thinks that people will vote for a party that cut their future means of survival is straight up crazy. I'd love to find the Blue Dog/DLC/New Democrat/Former Republican who came up with the idea of the "Grand Bargain" and ask them, "Seriously, dude--what the fuck?" If the Grand Bargain passes, the Democratic Party is done for a good long time. In what universe is mucking around with the Social Safety Net a good idea? What asshole thought that was the best thing since banisters on stairwells?

    It seems like the people running the Democratic Party towards this shit idea need to have a serious conversation with themselves about whether or not they are in the right party.

    The solution to this so-called Fiscal Cliff (really a slope, but the Villagers love being fucking dramatic about nothing) is really simple. Let the Bush/Obama tax cuts die off, and actually raise taxes on the motherfuckers who actually can afford it without feeling it. Oh, but fuckall, that actually makes sense.

    The rule is, "don't be a dick" - kos

    by cybrestrike on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 07:01:50 AM PST

    •  They never take responsibility for their damage (1+ / 0-)
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      The devil always made them do it.  All those Republican devils forced the party with the landslide and majorities to do what the pitiful minority wanted.  

      Even the filibuster was something the Democrats wanted to keep and handed to the GOP, even when it was more than clear how badly people were suffering because of it.  When Feingold lost, he was still defending the filibuster, and saying it would be OK to raise the retirement age.

      It's a lot like domestic abusers.  They're never responsible for what they do, either.  It's actually the fault of the bloody woman or child on the floor, who controlled their behavior.  Amazing power.

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