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View Diary: Street Prophets Coffee Hour: Seeing The Good In Republicans (64 comments)

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    I enjoy witty satire of Republican leaders and also fierce criticism of average republicans who say hateful and venomous things, but I cringe when people savage an ordinary non-hateful republican who may just be a dupe of the massive propaganda machine of Republican media and the incredibly powerful Republican-aligned religious bodies.

    I greatly admire efforts to reach out to Republicans, which I think can only strengthen the progressive movement.  I am on board with calling out the predators, liars, and oppressors but it scares me when we call human beings "lumps of flesh" and say how beneficial it would be if they were annihilated.

    Nonetheless, I feel a lot of sympathy for those (including me) who cannot help blowing a fuse when they hear the craziness and venom of the Fox-addled Republican.  It does make your head hurt!  This post provides ways for us to reach out to less rigid Republicans and move closer to our goals.

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      "lumps of flesh" and say how beneficial it would be if they were annihilated.
      I worry about those that do not have enough money to survive the tremendous changes we are going to see in the next 5 to 10 years.

      Demonizing them with pejorative terms makes them easier to forget or eliminate.

      George Lakoff gives us a new vocabulary to talk about things. And, helps us understand the "meta" of language.


      "Upward, not Northward" - Flatland, by EA Abbott

      by linkage on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 11:27:19 AM PST

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