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View Diary: Republicans still pretty baffled by that whole gender gap thing (115 comments)

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  •  Well, yes, those two races (20+ / 0-)

    were most definitely influenced by what the GOP candidates said. But to suggest that there was no gender gap until their rape comments is absurd. The gender gap was always around 18 percent, with the brief exception following the first debate. We tracked it very closely throughout the election and though it fluctuated somewhat, it was pretty consistently around there. So while Akin and Mourdock no doubt lost because of their stupidity, to say that the gender gap in the presidential race is attributable to stupid Republican men saying stupid shit about rape is just silly. Planned Parenthood's ads against Romney, for example, were extremely effective and had nothing to do with rape.

    The GOP is in trouble with women. It has been for a long time. The rape comments certainly don't help, but it's not as if that's their only problem. Not by a long shot.

    •  Still, Romney got 56% of white women's vote (9+ / 0-)

      The president 42% - a 14% gender gap in Romney's favor. This may explain in part why Ann Romney thought women cared mostly about the economy and the deficit. Maybe she didn't talk to a representative sample of non-whites.

    •  When the GOP first caught my ire: (1+ / 0-)
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      Calamity Jean

      Well beyond listening to their Pundits slam American Military Women over the decades, there was this concerted effort to legalize the stalking of women who go to family planning clinics, the attempt to legalize the harassment of women at these clinics, as if this one group of medical procedures did not qualify for the same kinds of privacy laws as say a male finger wave, or the turn your head and cough move. That just pissed me off for starters, and this was old.

      Then there were the burgeoning attacks on Birth Control Access. Gosh that is older than a decade. There are large contingencies of females, who seem to be totally oblivious to this for the entirety of this time, until Todd and his merry band of rape-pirates decided to toot their own horns about magic lady parts and legitimate rape.

      But the concerted attack on sex ed in public schools, the whole abstinence only movement that has been publicly funded by the Faith Based Initiatives crap, and the Fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers--that's some old news. It's been going on for years now.

      Having the Holy Arm of the GOP-Churches pushing this crap in voter guides every election cycle --presidential and other made it very clear that the GOP was targeting women on the behest of certain extremist religious leaders and their manly minions.

      The constant 18 percent gender gap for women most likely represents women like me who never stopped watching these clowns, even when they didn't hold a majority in the either the house or the senate, even when they didn't have a president to push their BS.

      All this crap that has been shoved out into the open, has been there all along. I was there or should I say, here in the US the whole time, and I saw, I bore witness to these platforms.

      I am glad that --for whatever reason, other large groups of women, finally woke up and realized that the crazy had reached a fever pitch, and then did something about it.

      Because 18 percent of a vote is good, but it's not enough to counter policy being pushed by other percentages of men and women voting together to push women back into the days of Anthony Comstock.

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