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View Diary: Top Romney aide says Obama strategy didn't work because of Super PACs (128 comments)

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    I'm making a note here - huge success.
    It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
    Forget statistics!
    We spend what we must
    Because we can.
    For the good of all of us.
    Except the ones who are brown.

    But there's no sense crying over every strapped dog.
    You just keep on praying for the planet Kolob.
    And the nation is undone.
    And we all buy neat guns
    For the people who are still all white.

    I'm not even angry.
    I'm being so sincere right now.
    Even though you threw me out.
    And mocked me.
    And tore me to pieces.
    And threw my campaign under the bus.

    As he won it hurt because I was so happy for you!
    Now these electoral votes make a mandate-landslide,
    And we kept the House.
    We can obstruct just fine.
    So I'm glad we got slammed
    It was all part of the plan
    for the people who are still all white.

    Go ahead and leave me.
    I think I prefer to stay inside.
    Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.
    Maybe McGovern.
    Anyway, these trees are great.
    They're tall in all the right ways.

    Look at me still talking
    when there's finance to do.
    When I look out there, it makes me glad I'm not you.
    I've got a golden parachute
    And firing's still a hoot
    On illegals who are not white.
    And believe me I am still all white.
    I'm doing finance and I'm still all white.
    I am rich as hell and I'm still all white.
    These trees are beautiful and the right height.
    And I have ten cars and they're all white.
    Still all white.
    Still all white.

    Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?

    by ConfusedSkyes on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 10:47:55 AM PST

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