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  •  I voted for drug policy. I don't use illegal (2+ / 0-)
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    papa monzano, Odysseus

    drugs (I smoked pot in college long ago), so I am not a member of the stoner caucus. Wine and chocolate are my psychoactive drugs of choice.

    Drug policy is the most effective voter suppression tactics. Millions of mostly poor and disproportionally minority people are in prison or ineligible to vote. If we could get young people and minorities voting at a reasonable rate the conservatives would be history.

    The other effective voter suppression mechanism is gerrymandering. Democratic congressional candidates had a 5% advantage in the popular vote but didn't win a majority of the seats. That is an impressive fail on our part. It is because the Republicans have mastered the art of gerrymandering minorities into safe seats, which means that their votes don't have as much effect. Compare the results of the House election to the presidency and Senate, where gerrymandering has no effect.

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