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View Diary: A Message For House Republicans: "First Undo What You Did To Create This Debt Crisis..." (41 comments)

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    I am in favor of a tax increase (back to 1990 levels) for the purposes of reducing debt.  However, this post is full of the kind of arguments that I cannot take seriously.  The very first graph shows a gap of about 300 billion dollars per year from 2002-2008.  This was caused by a combination of the recession, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan AND tax cuts.  Even if the entire gap could be attributed to tax cuts and the Iraq war only, 300bn per year times 6 years (2002-2008) adds up to 1.8 billion with is a figure completely disconnected from the 5.9 trillion number.  At the very least, the graphs and the numbers should add up.   It’s all well and good to point out that the 5.9 trillion came from only one estimate, but why even use that figure if it is totally disconnected from the graph below.  In other words, I can troll around the internet and find all kinds of facts, figures and graphs from places like the CATO institute website, which, if I string them all together the right way, makes it appear that the Democrats caused the Great Recession.  However, that doesn’t mean it is close to being true.  

    For another example, look at the Employment-population ratio graph.  The Clinton Tax increase occurred right as we were recovering from a recession.  The Bush tax cuts occurred right after we entered a recession.  Does anyone expect stimulus in the form a higher spending or tax increases to have an instantaneous affect?   Of course the Bush tax cuts occurred on a downward trend on that graph.  If the trend hadn’t been going down, the cuts never would have occurred in the first place.  You don’t enact stimulus (either in the form of spending increase or tax cut) when the economy is doing well.        

    There are sites you can go to really dig into the numbers and figure out what is going on.  However, most of the time, I am forced to read from a variety of sites and news sources, and, even more importantly, read the dissenting comments attached to those articles to figure out what is really going on.  This is especially true for sites like or where the best information is contained in the comments.    Bring on the disapproval clicks.      

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