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View Diary: My Response to Five Questions on Abortion (72 comments)

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    In these sorts of discussions with pro-life Americans, I always ask if the questioner would support a federal mandatory adoption law, on the basis that it is either within federal power to force an unwanted child on a woman or it is not.

    I also tend to say something along the lines of it being a gigantic expansion of government power to allow DC to dictate when life begins.  I also like to say every graveyard in our country establishes on every stone the 'traditional' definition of when life begins, and that I, for one, will not so casually take a hammer and chisel to the ranks of stones in Arlington Cemetery over such a divisive and un-resolvable issue.

    A party that truly did not want to see abortions would not oppose robust and accurate sex education, would not oppose cheap and easy access to all forms of contraception, would never go so far as to oppose vaccines because they might 'encourage' promiscuity or actually spread disinformation about contraceptive effectiveness.

    Until a party that opposes abortion so fiercely just as fiercely advocates for those measures, the American people are going to continue to conclude correctly that they are simply attempting to punish people for having what Santorum inexplicably yet disdainfully calls 'sex for pleasure'.

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