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View Diary: Maria Bartiromo on CNBC (53 comments)

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  •  neither maria nor erin are anything to rave about (9+ / 0-)

    when it comes to brains, imo.  

    a few yrs ago when the poisoned pet food scandal broke (for the 1st time) erin was on cnbc telling pet owners if they wanted cheap pet food they'd have to settle for it being poisoned in chinese factories b/c businesses had to make a profit -- !! -- wow.

    not long after that, there was a squabble between maria & erin over who was going to be let go on cnbc b/c the network didn't need both of them, & it looks like maria won but boy, is she a piece of work!  the only way she keeps her job is sucking up to all the fired ws execs she interviews.

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