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    This sentiment, so frequently expressed by Ms. Bartiromo and her colleagues on CNBC, is simply tasteless.  These people have never heard of noblesse oblige.  It is true that all the money in the world cannot buy one class.

    Not to mention that I have no idea who she is attempting to describe.  The people I know whose children have nannies---and I know plenty---are not living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Not even close.  And if you do have a nanny and are living paycheck-to-paycheck, you desperately need a hand with your personal finances (in which case you should probably stop watching CNBC).  Sounds like an appeal to idiot tea-baggers watching CNBC trying to get rich quick who have absolutely no idea how ridiculously far $500,000 or $1 million a year can go if you're not wasting it on bulls**t like sports cars and boats.

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