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View Diary: Gwinnett County, Georgia: The Next Stop on the Demographics Express (36 comments)

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  •  Rec'd in light of the recent legislative elections (5+ / 0-)

    While the results weren't great, Dems did decently in Gwinnett County, holding both their vulnerable seats (including one, held by Pedro Marin, that was considered vulnerable despite being 29% white VAP) and nearly picking up the two Lawrenceville House seats. Gwinnett and Cobb are the reason that the Georgia GOP will make whatever deal with Rusty Kidd it has to, amend the Constitution to consolidate their power, and then focus on staving off their decline. The way it looks, they'll have to learn to attract minorities, or they will themselves become a minority.

    Male, 22, -4.75/-6.92, born and raised TN-05, now WI-02. "You're damn right we're making a difference!" - Senator-Elect Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison)

    by fearlessfred14 on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 09:14:08 PM PST

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