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View Diary: Texas, secession and Latinos: How we can make this work (345 comments)

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  •  I'm trying to figure out how to convince (6+ / 0-)

    the Latinos here in Texas that in 2014 they need to vote at the same percentage as everyone else in the state.  They have two years to get ready.  If they do that, it would rock the state, and as this article states, the Republican party.

    "But the problem with any ideology is that it gives the answer before you look at the evidence." - President Clinton

    by anonevent on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 07:47:23 AM PST

    •  Maybe let them convince you to do x. (4+ / 0-)
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      fuzzyguy, Miggles, mightymouse, pademocrat

      I'm black I've spent most of my life in predominantly black areas -- and turnout is and has been relatively small compared to the number of people who could vote.  Even in 2008 -- turnout was better than before in my precinct -- but only 40% of the eligible black population voted.

      I didn't vote in 2010.  In the name of trying to appeal to white voters in Texas -- Bill White seemed to think it worth it to offend me in ways that seemed to suggest he didn't even want my vote.  His "we're not from the same place" regarding Obama seemed to include me -- too.  He didn't even email me or call me during the campaign.  BUT -- AFTER he lost -- I started getting emails from his campaign asking me for donations to help Texas Democrats in the future.

      I wrote back -- asking them not to contact me, anymore.

    •  The core part of convincing people to vote is to (2+ / 0-)
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      fuzzyguy, hatecloudsyourthoughts

      have good candidates and run good campaigns.  We aren't entitled to having Latinos vote for Democrats.  Such a sense of entitlement leads to disasters like we suffered in 2010.  We have to convince people why they should vote for our side -- as it should be.

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