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View Diary: Texas, secession and Latinos: How we can make this work (345 comments)

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  •  Something I noticed yesterday (5+ / 0-)
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    In Texas we had close to 3.3 million Obama voters. The difference between Obama and Romney in the national popular vote was just over 3.3 million. Without the Texas Obama voters the national popular vote would have been just about tied. As a Democratic voter in Texas, I find that encouraging.

    Travis County, where I live, voted 60%-36% for Obama. If you look at the red and blue breakdown across the whole country, whether you're talking Georgia, Wisconsin, or California, most urban areas, especially ones with large universities, tended to vote Obama, while rural areas voted for Romney. Texas is rapidly becoming more urban with some of the fastest growing cities in the country. Many of those new urban Texans have migrated from California, the NE, and the upper Midwest, and they bring their political values with them. Between the rapidly growing urban areas and the growing Latino population, Texas will be a swing state like Virgina or North Carolina in 8-12 years.

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