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View Diary: Texas, secession and Latinos: How we can make this work (345 comments)

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    The GOP still think female, young and brown vote for people who are female or look young and brown and not people who understand the challenges of being female, young and brown.

    It's why they promoted Michael Steele after Obama was elected.  It's why they promoted JC Watt.  It's why they believe Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are the keys to unlocking the minority vote.  It's why they chose Sarah Palin.

    What they don't understand is that most females, the young and brown know what old, white and male people want to do.  And that is retain their "entitlement" to superiority, power and riches.  And they're willing to hire people, at great personal advancement, to sell why status quo ante of individual old, white and male leaders makes sense for them.

    What Democrats have figured out, is that people of color, the young, and the female offer perspectives that can help solve problems with outside the box thinking.  They understand that hierarchical systems, although safe feeling, are really a ruse.  The safety is personal empowerment, and equal justice.

    Texas has a history of racism it is still dealing with.  It has a system that relies financially on fossils, quite literally.  And they want to believe that this change happening under their feet is somehow temporary, transient.  And if they just close their eyes long enough, the realities of the world will just go away.  And this is reinforced with their churches, their families, their fathers.

    So, rather than anger, give Texas your patience.  They're petulant children, and if you ignore the tantrum, they'll probably stop having them.

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