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View Diary: Puppy mill dogs to be shot by Amish in Ohio (130 comments)

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  •  well, the Bible demands humane treatment (3+ / 0-)
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    homogenius, rb608, emptythreatsfarm

    of animals ..

    The Jewish Dietary laws were based on what was seen as humane treatment for slaughter and other matters  in Biblical times .. ie, one reason for the prohibition of pork was because pigs were difficult to kill in  a humane manner

    So if the Amish are following the Bible, they should be humane ...

    Give your heart a real workout! Love your enemies!

    by moonbatlulu on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 10:25:39 PM PST

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    •  Would that be the same Bible... (1+ / 0-)
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      nuclear winter solstice

      ... where the vengeful Hebrew god routinely commanded his people to slaughter all the men, women, children and livestock of other tribes?  Where this same god demanded that animals be burnt on altars as a worship sacrifice?  

      •  Borderline HR-able (0+ / 0-)

        People read various things into the Hebrew scripture, as people read various things into all mythology.

        I'm happy you're so damn superior to those people.  And so much more tolerant, to boot.

        Can't say you know as much about that literature as you seem to think, however.

        [I]t is totally not true that Mitt Romney strapped Paul Ryan to the top of a car and drove him to Canada. Stop spreading rumors! -- Gail Collins

        by mbayrob on Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 11:46:35 PM PST

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      •  Only if you accept the belief that the Bible (0+ / 0-)

        is the dictated word of some divine being ....

        Many of us realize that the Bible is the history of people  intellectually wrestling the idea of  how did we get here, why are we here, is there any meaning to life, etc ....

        I read the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, with that understanding that people were progressing and sometimes regressing in understanding what it meant to be human .. why does it mean to be a member of a community .. what are the responsibilities  to myself, to my community, to the physical world I live in ...

        The dietary laws of the Old Testament represent that humans had not only certain privileges but more importantly some responsibilities in how to treat non-human  creatures ...

        Many cultures and civilizations did and still do practice animal sacrifice ... how about all the people who wear leather, and feathers, and furs  or eat animals ... and what is war but sacrificing other people to our own interests ?  
        Evolution doesn't only work in the physical world works in the political and social world also ...

        Give your heart a real workout! Love your enemies!

        by moonbatlulu on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 10:28:22 PM PST

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