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View Diary: Puppy mill dogs to be shot by Amish in Ohio (130 comments)

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  •  Amish are like any other group of people (2+ / 0-)

    Amish are like any other group of people who share a common faith, or share a common lifestyle, such as Jews. Some Amish are Old Order (on the Amish spectrum like Orthodox Jews). Some Amish drive cars.

    There are practices and values that we understand and easily accept, and others that we find backward, repulsive, that we think should be illegal.

    Such as genital mutilation of preteen girls.

    Such as ceremonial infant circumcision.

    But back to the Amish.

    Many are ethical people who are strongly committed to their community and would come and rebuild your home, for free, if it burned to the ground.

    Many are so trusting of their fellow man that they never lock the doors of their homes or businesses.

    They are conscientious objectors, who don't believe in shooting people, for any reason.

    Violent crime in the Amish is extremely low.

    They view our adversarial court system so repugnant that they will not engage it. They do no sue. They do not defend themselves in court.

    Some went to jail rather than serve in the military during the civil war.

    They never scalped a Native American, never owned slaves or had indentured servants.

    Some are liars who will habitually seek to get something for nothing in their business dealings.

    Alcoholism and drug addiction are extremely rare, but do exist.

    Physical and sexual abuse undoubtedly exist, but there is scant evidence for a variety of cultural reasons.

    They don't believe in insurance and are legally exempt from paying Social Security taxes.

    You will never find one of their elderly suffering in a nursing home.

    They are not out to save the world, the country, or any one else's soul.

    They will never tell you what you should believe - they do not believe in prosyletising.

    They won religious exemption for their separate school system after school consolidation in the 1950s - all the way to SCOTUS.

    They don't believe in evolution.

    Gambling, prostitution, racketeering - non-existent.

    They believe God's laws are higher than the laws of man.

    They vote Republican.

    If laws were passed that interfered with their practice of their faith, they would immigrate, en mass, out of the country.

    We can disagree with many of their practices and beliefs without painting a whole diaspora of people as demonic because some of their members treat animals with such abhorent cruelty.

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