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View Diary: Build a Chicken Coop, Because of Climate Change, B. C. C. (20 comments)

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    the way you have with words, bigjac, is so artful and clever.

    •  My dear Avila, you have brought up a subject, (5+ / 0-)
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      Avila, brillig, Steveningen, Larsstephens, deha

      which I feel is the most important subject
      in my personal life,
      the subject I must deal with,
      every day.

      For the last few years,
      I've discovered
      that I have some degree of talent,
      a way with words.

      I know arrogance is annoying,
      so I hope folks don't feel I'm expressing arrogance,
      when I say that as others say they like my writing style,
      I look back at what I've written,
      and I feel,
      very deeply,
      I truly like my own work,
      the way I choose my words carefully,
      keep it short and simple,
      I enjoy reading it myself.

      Not all of it,
      but most of it.

      But then I look to the future,
      the future of humankind,
      the future 500 years from now,
      1,000 years from now.

      And I see famines,
      and I see no way to avoid those famines.

      But I feel a powerful desire
      to plant a seed,
      here at the servers of Daily Kos,
      so that hundreds of years from now,
      after the famines,
      after billions are dead,
      someone will access these words,
      along with the words of many others,
      words that could help our descendants
      rebuild a new system,
      a sustainable system.

      There is a temptation
      to give up on the chicken coop diaries,
      and just write slice of life diaries,
      and maybe even become famous
      as some kind of revered poet.

      But I cannot turn my back on our descendants.

      I want to help them.

      As I actually build our chicken coop,
      I intend to combine the two things,
      my slice of life diaries
      will be about our chicken coop,
      and about sustainability,
      both together.

      But I'd feel terrible if,
      towards the end of my life,
      (and I'm already 57)
      if I perceived that I was going to be remembered
      for my artsy way with words,
      but my message,
      my overpopulation alarm message,
      seemed to be lost.

      But thanks again,
      for the compliment.

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