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View Diary: “The History We Didn’t Know” About Last Year’s Grand Bargain Negotiations (505 comments)

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  •  Bob, you shouldn't take anything from the (3+ / 0-)

    halls of power at face value, as you admit you do here.

    This is Bob Woodward talking, the morning after the election:

    Now that Obama has won another four years in the White House, Woodward insists that his administration must do two things: work towards better relationships with Republicans in Congress and more clearly define what the goals of the Democratic party are.

    "The task here is to define the next stage of what the Democratic party is going to be," Woodward explained Wednesday on "CBS This Morning." "It can't be all entitlement spending, all spending forever, all the time. They're going to have to cut spending ... he's got to work out some deals with the Republicans. "

    "The real question is kind of the inner Obama. How is he going to react to this victory? Is he going to be kind of humble?" Woodward said looking ahead after the election. "Is there going to be some resentment toward Republicans ... Running for president is demeaning in some ways."

    And you're willing to accept "on face value" that Woodward is describing the contents of this memo--without an agenda-- in order to help the common people fight back against austerity?

    Obviously not. Take a grain of salt with everything, Bob. And if you want people to act, to contact the White House, to contact their Congress, to exercise their people power, to reign in the President, to "make him" do what we want, to say, No we will not accept that kind of austerity here in the U.S., the last thing you should be doing is trying to convince people that there's no use in doing anything like that because elections don't change the status quo.

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