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  •  i did this also (5+ / 0-)

    Loved that they had special editions of the weekday shows on Sat and Sun leading into the election week. I feel it did help shine searchlights on the voter suppression going on.
    There was an article on Yahoo 'News' after the election whining that MSNBC is the liberal version of Fox News. what, only their side gets to have one?

    •  Yes it is the liberal version which means it (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      reports correct poll data (except for Ed's on-air polls), reports events with actual facts and the evening anchors don't pretend to be other than liberal.
      I was annoyed last night because on neither the Ed Show nor the Last Word (I watch Rachel on podcast in the morning with my breakfast, a favorite treat of mine) did they report that the FBI agent who contacted the Republican Congressman was reported to have "a world view" that caused him to mistakenly think the investigation was going nowhere -- that it was a cover-up for Obama. I read that in the Washington Post a couple of days ago, yet it wasn't on any of the shows. (this is the same guy who emailed shirtless pictures to the woman who was the victim of Broadwell's email threats). The MSNBC hosts also didn't mention that Petraeus had right wing defense think tanks ensconced in his headquarters in Afghanistan. This scandal is not an Obama scandal; if anything it's a Republican scandal.
      But since MSNBC hosts usually don't go off the deep end, they either thought the info on Republican connections was irrelevant and/or they thought it wasn't sourced well enough. Fox would have built a whole conspiracy around those two pieces of info. In fact, Fox has built a whole conspiracy around the scandal -- Benghazi blah blah blah, Eric Holder blah blah blah, Obama blah blah blah. I'm surprised they didn't stick something about Obama's birth certificate and his "Communist" upbringing into the story!

      We're not perfect, but they're nuts! -- Barney Frank

      by Tamar on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 04:15:16 AM PST

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    •  p.s. I too watched those extra weekend versions (0+ / 0-)

      of the evening shows before the election.
      I guess we should start a special organization to help people like us.

      We're not perfect, but they're nuts! -- Barney Frank

      by Tamar on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 04:16:27 AM PST

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