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    self-interest, when they do not know where self-interest lies. Some people, apparently instinct-driven, are self-centered, but not self-aware.  They do not know themselves, as Socrates counseled. They "know not what they do," as Jesus observed and advised that they should be forgiven.
    How do such people come to be? Since they are found all around the globe and in all population, one suspects either inheritance or some common pre-natal or peri-natal insult which affects their cognitive functions or severs the connections between the brain and sensory receptors, so they end up with a false image of their situation in the environment.
    I think we can identify a whole host of sensory deficits:

    Sense of time
    Sense of direction
    Sense of order
    Sense of sequence
    Sense of place
    Sense of connection
    Sense of situation
    Sense of temperature
    Sense of environment
    Sense of rhythm

    The consequences are readily identified.  If a person has no sense of the environment, especially what he can't see, it makes sense that he doesn't care about it.
    I suspect our largest sensory organ, our skin, has something to do with. After all, our integument registers our connection to the material world. If our sense of touch is dull, we are worse off than the blind, who manage to navigate by relying on it.
    I think it is telling that the captives in Plato's cave were bereft of all but the sense of sight. They couldn't even look sideways. Talk about a state of sensory deprivation. No wonder they needed to be led to the light.

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 04:41:47 AM PST

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