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View Diary: The Childrens Health Crisis In Fukushima (18 comments)

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  •  No, it's NOT science, (0+ / 0-)

    either medical or nuclear. It's CYA bullshit on the part of corporation and government who want to keep their liability low for the serious health effects of the worst nuclear disaster this world has ever seen.

    By the way, "medical science" knows that thyroid nodules and cysts are symptomatic of pre-cancerous states of the human thyroid gland. "Medical science" knows from actual surveys that the 'normal' occurrence of nodules/cysts in children is 1-2% at the top end (with entire regions having NO such issues in children). And "medical science" knows that a 45% rate of thyroid nodules/cysts in children in the immediate region of major fission product dumping due to major nuclear oopses (or on purposes) means that those children were exposed to very significant exposures of the thyroid-concentrating isotope iodine-131. There is a reason that it's the most limiting isotope in nuclear practice.

    It is nuclear science - specifically health physics - that has correlated from the aftermath of nuclear oopses and on purposes through the past 60+ years the range of exposures to iodine-131 that cause thyroid nodules/cysts and cancers, the time factor per dose levels in children and adults, etc.

    "Medical science" has used iodine-131 to treat naturally occurring thyroid issues since it became aware of how this isotope concentrates in thyroid glands and gets used by the gland in place of stable elemental iodine for producing metabolic hormones. They learned all those decades ago that the therapeutic doses they were using caused thyroid cancer in the patient some years down the line. Thyroid cancer is treated by removal of the gland, requiring the patient to take supplemental metabolic hormones for the rest of their lives.

    Neither "medical science" nor "nuclear science" /health physics made the spurious assertion that no one in the immediate vicinity of Fukushima Daiichi got more than 4.2 mSv dose to the thyroid from released iodine-131. That was a political decision, not a medical observation or a health physics determination. The medical observation is that nearly half of Fukushima children developed thyroid nodules/cysts less than a year after the disaster. That figure will keep increasing, which is why the politicians feel they must stop Fukushima parents from having their children tested or treated.

    The presentation of a 45% childhood thyroid damage rate less than a year after the disaster clearly indicates that the doses were far, far higher than ~4 mSv. That's science, RG. The political decision has been demonstrated wrong.

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