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  •  Not on our side then, goddamnit (5+ / 0-)

    Who says he doesn't need us anymore?  He's looking at four years of twiddling his thumbs right now, with the little people he could do anything.

    Fatalism is one thing, generalizations another.  I'm truly surprised, surely you know a great many physicians are superb liberals, democrats and human beings.  They have educations I dream about, and their immediate compassion and action can be immensely powerful, far more than my puny keystrokes can do.

    [looks at you] Surprising.

    •  I do. And they all could give up some $$$ and (4+ / 0-)

      still be alright. But the fact is the vast majority of physician advocacy groups in Washington are heavily republican.

      But the president, lets face it, is in a very strong position. Not only over Republicans, but over Democrats too.

      If you saw that memo about what he was willing to give up last year, you should be far more concerned about what he's going to do now that he doesn't need to respond to the electorate.

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