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  •  So the answer is to just write them off entirely? (7+ / 0-)

    Which is basically what'll happen if the WH strong-arms Senate Dems into supporting some POS bill to cut Medicare and Medicaid.  

    •  He's got some pretty strong arms right now. (0+ / 0-)

      And if you read that memo from last year, we could end up with a deal so shitty you could fertilize Iowa with it.

      So the question I have is what leverage do we have over Obama now? I don't see any.

      How about Senate Democrats who rode his coattails, and especially those who didn't? (Indiana, North Dakota, Montana, Missouri)

      That's not even considering Alaska, Louisiana, Arkansas and West Virginia. That's 8 Dems right there.

      If we had won the House, I'd be all in favor of taking a stand pat and do nothing position. But since that didn't happen, President Obama is going to look towards getting a deal ASAP.

      Our goal should be making sure it doesn't look like that deal from last year.

      •  Where's the fire? (4+ / 0-)

        His leverage increases - exponentially, I might add - on Jan. 1, at which point the problem is too much revenue - to the tune of $5T.  Not chump change (in fact it's interesting to watch the deficit scolds writhe in hysteria about the fiscal "cliff" when it's more like a gentle slope.  

        I simply do not understand the rush to a deal, any deal, no matter how crappy.  

        Not to mention, he'll also have a new - and much more favorable - Congress to work with.  

        •  Obviously he doesn't see it this way (0+ / 0-)

          and I agree with him.

          He's got maximum leverage now because he doesn't have the same goals as you and I.

        •  Fiscal Cliff eh? Deficit Scolds are Full of It (1+ / 0-)
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          Timothy J

          So let me see if I got this straight, according to the deficit scolds the deficit is the biggest problem our nation faces.  So a modest tax hike (3-5% increase -- Freedom(R) isn't free donchya know?) and government spending cuts both which will substantially cut the deficit are being defined by the same fiscal scolds as a "fiscal cliff", something we MUST avoid at all costs?

          But here is the real kicker, cutting the deficit by way of the "fiscal cliff" is just terrible, but cutting it by making Grandma eat catfood and raising Medicare age to the age "when you die", is just fine.  

          Agree that Obama's leverage increases after Jan 1.  And not only that but it is time to start changing the narrative.  And that starts with SS and Medicare are off the table.  Hell the plan they got now, i.e. "fiscal cliff" lowers the deficit without touching SS and Medicare.  And the beauty is it was the Republican's plan that they passed!

          Poor man wants to be rich. Rich man wants to king. And the king ain't satisifed until he rules everything. B.Springsteen

          by howd on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 04:28:47 PM PST

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      •  Into the streets (4+ / 0-)
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        Timothy J, howd, Old Gardener, joanneleon

        Our leverage is to speak out and to demonstrate. Occupy Wall Street changed the narrative, not by getting Obama to do or say something, but by doing themselves.

        Our job is to get hundreds of people to call or write Obama and their member of Congress, send dozens of letters to the editor, and show up at vigils, rallies, and marches that end up  in front of their Congressmember's office. The Tea Party gets media coverage with a half dozen people, but we probably have to have at least a hundred people. It helps if some of those people are respected members of the community: clergy, professors, union leaders, business people, bankers, celebrities, etc. Sometimes creative actions can help: street theater, costumes, banner drops, Overpass Light Brigade, showing a movie on the side of a building, etc. And sometimes occupying or blockading an office can help.

        We need to do things electronically too: Facebook, Twitter, targeted Google ads, etc. that illuminate what the Congressperson is doing and criticizes it.

        The point is to make a big stink, get some media attention (or create our own media attention) and force Obama and Congress to respond to us.

        •  Yeah...good luck with that. nt (0+ / 0-)
          •  Thanks for helping (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            Old Gardener

            For some reason, Democrats in Washington think that they should cut deals with the powers in Congress. But the currency of Washington is money and power (having monied friends). We don't have much leverage there.

            But we do have people power. That is what won us the election. And that is what we need to rely on to pressure Congress. Relying on Joe Lieberman and the other ConservaDems to cut a good deal for us before December 31 is not a good strategy. Begging Obama to give us some crumbs is also not a good strategy. We need to act like people who just won an election through our hard work, not like beggars hoping for a handout.

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