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View Diary: Gulf Watchers Tuesday - Something's Happening Here... - BP Catastrophe AUV #600 (31 comments)

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  •  where ? what ? (11+ / 0-)

    Huh ? :/

    excuse me for being a disoriented bot. Its no. 600? Congrats! But a sad theme. (1) Here in the EU shale oils is mostly banned (in the sense that most governments have the sense to not allow the wholesale fracking of entire sedimentary shale basins). (2) I learnt on some other sites that the shale oil "boom" is just that, a latter-day tulip boom: decay rates of extracted fluids are said to be extremely fast - which makes sense given the nature of the storage - and that the current hype is as much a means to extract capital from unwary investors as reality. (3) oil/tar sands is something entirely more frightening and different in scale. I hear that the largest such deposits are in fact in Venezuela in the Orinoco basin .. and I strongly doubt that there would be any compunction in tapping that to the ruin of us all if it comes to that. That should put added urgency behind measures to decarbonize developed countries, largely before Venezuela runs out of conventional reserves. (4) just recently (today or the day therefore) one of the most dry and bland international organizations thinkable (IEA, ? I might misremember) flat out stated that we need to leave the stuff in the ground .. I think they said we can not afford to tap more than about 1/3 of the currently proven reserves (not even counting future ones) if we want to have any hope of keeping climate change within global average 2 deg C limits.

    That should be enough to drain the last hope out of anyone.

    That wasnt my intention really. Sorry. Its just the way it is like. I wanted to give best greetings to everone here.

    on the good news side all I can ever find is that the microorganism community of the GOM has proved far far more savvy and resilient and able to deal with oil than e. g. we have, and the are said to have saved the human´s asses there. That is at least something.

    No such luck to be expected if they get into the East Siberian Shelf.

    Sometimes I wonder What is is up with this place called earth here. I should go to sleep.  

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