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  •  Chris Hayes' must read on white fears (22+ / 0-)

    I think the important one to read is Chris Hayes.  Basically he says that the economic situation of middle class whites is deteriorating, which generates economic anxieties which the right preys on and whips up and directs towards minorities, liberals, knowledge elites, etc.  He says that the political and economic incentives of the right to whip up this sense of white persecution make it almost impossible for the right to give up milking this vein.  The rewards for beating up on Hispanics, blacks, etc. to heighten a white sense of persecution are simply too great in terms of votes, audience share, etc.  This is true for the political right as much as it is for the entertainment right, for Joe Walsh and West and Bachman as much as for Limbaugh, etc.

    I think that the work that the Occupy movement did in highlighting the real source of the worsening economic situation of the middle class is tremendously important in this regard.  Republicans use the fears created by middle class whites' declining income and uncertain job prospects and fears for the future to get elected and push through government action such as deregulating banks and cutting the safety net, which results in an even more frightened white electorate which votes for even crazier Republicans, in a vicious circle that feeds on itself.

    I do not think there is a real divide between the political and entertainment branches of the right, except just now as there is a blame game going on, and the politicos desperately need someone to blame for the Romney loss.  Both of them need to instill fear and a sense of persecution in whites to succeed.

    •  Frum again: (9+ / 0-)

      "The people who put the cement shoes on Romney are now blaming him for sinking."

      Cripes, just today I got an email "report" from a guy in Texas who runs a money management firm. He's more the wealthy financial conservative type than the aggrieved social conservative, and he fancies himself some kind of savvy political analyst. Yet even he stated, flat out, that Romney lost because he wasn't conservative enough!

      What is valued is practiced. What is not valued is not practiced. -- Plato

      by RobLewis on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 06:23:27 PM PST

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    •  There's Hating UP and Hating DOWN (14+ / 0-)

      The hating up is aimed at scientists, college professors, Hollywood stars, the news media, and so on. They're the "elite" who think they're smarter than you.

      The hating down is aimed at single mothers, homeless people, unemployed people, people of color, and just plain lazy people who are taking your tax money and spending their welfare checks and food stamps on vodka and steak (or whatever). Plus they probably don't go to church.

      So that's why they've got this sense of victimhood. Everybody's against them. Except the good old Republican party, which will lower their taxes and teach mythological concepts in school and make the economy better.

      But the angle said to them, "Do not be Alfred. A sailor has been born to you"

      by Dbug on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 07:13:48 PM PST

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    •  The economic situation of the middle class (7+ / 0-)

      is deteriorating precisely because of conservative policies, which then makes those (former?) middle class citizens vulnerable to being manipulated by the evil conservatives.

      Creating their own victims?

      Somehow, we have to educate people - even conservative believers - about the reality of conservative policies.  They are apparently unable to perceive these things on their own.

      "The law is meant to be my servant and not my master, still less my torturer and my murderer." -- James Baldwin. July 11, 1966.

      by YucatanMan on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 10:26:40 PM PST

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      •  Conservatives, like Clinton? Glass Stegal, (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        mkor7, biscobosco, YucatanMan

        futures modernization act, NAFTA.

        Or like Obama (whom I voted for), 3 more free tread agreements, with the mother of all free trade agreements waiting in the wings, claiming that tge bank crises was "mostly legal", so the other part that may not have been goes unnoticed.....

        Um, we're loosing cuz there no one representing us.

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