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  •  Very well done analysis of what should be (3+ / 0-)

    a well known point.
    But I suggest another angle:
    If the fascists actually win they have to take the blame. If they are assumed to lose, but retain actual control (through House majority or Senate filibuster - both is just belt-and-suspenders) they get their way and the Democrats take the blame. GWB gave us 2008, Boener and McConnell gave us 2010. 2012 is evidence that the American people aren't falling for it any more, but then again they could have stolen this election like they did in 2004, and they didn't. (much to the surprise of Romney and Rove who obviously thought that they would) Why? Maybe they were afraid that the people would have risen up, but frankly I doubt it. I think that 4 years of Romney would have caused another 2008, and the only thing that saved them from GWB and 2008 was President Obama's catastrophic "bipartisanship". Obama learned after 2010 - no way whoever would have stood at the head of the tsunami that Romney would have given us in 2016 would make that mistake again.

    •  Hook, Line and Sinker. (0+ / 0-)

      We don't know what Obama is going to do.  Judging from his record, he has moved far right before even sitting down to negotiate with the Republicans.
      Reid is Milquetoast and Pelosi may let in that Blue Dog Steny Hoyer as minority leader of the house.

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