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  •  And Republicans haven't always been nutjobs (4+ / 0-)

    Up until the 1970s, the Republican party had a very healthy & viable liberal/progressive wing: they were the ones who competed against the conservative/rectionary Democratic wing.

    Then two things happened. One was the infamous Southern strategy, where the Republicans courted the Democrats who were at odds with the Civil Rights reforms of the 1960s. The other was Watergate: Nixon as a member of the moderate/establishment faction of the Republican party, not only discredited that faction with America, giving the conservative wing the opening to take over the Republican party, he alienated many Liberal Republicans who ended up leaving the party (the campaigns of Anderson, & to a lesser extend Perot, were signs of their exodus), & their children became Democrats.

    Having watched it unfold, & seeing how the Republican party has been trapped in an increasing slide towards reactionary & racist irrelevance, I give you my version of recent American history.

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