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  •  Perfect cartoon for me today (5+ / 0-)

    I woke up to an hour long radio call-in interview with Bay Buchannon on WI NPR. The topic was how the GOP would have to adapt to changing times and the recent election loss. It was a delight. Ms Buchannon kept saying how the GOP was gong to adapt and grow. But as each called challenged her, she'd tell a little fairy tale in which the GOP would 'stick to their principles' and the voters would come around to embrace them. Minorities were constantly described as "those people" who are "dependent" on government and "who want to be given things because minorities are poor".

    Usually listening to GOP mouthpieces makes me crawl the walls. But today I felt exactly like the woman in the last panel of your piece today.

    PS: I've always liked your visual style. The soaring foreheads, the heavy outlines, the fat hovering lips. :)

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