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View Diary: Help ID the Republicans in "Republican Petreus Scandal" (57 comments)

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  •  "Shirtless FBI Agent With Anti-Obama Worldview" (8+ / 0-)

    Heh. Surely someone out there can give the FBI a raise so this man can buy himself a shirt.

    I have no information for you. However, this episode did bring the following to mind:

    OMG, you guys, did you hear the news? You know that nosy guy Dave, who’s the class sergeant at arms? He’s been dating Holly forever. Well it turns out he was two-timing her with Paula, that girl who wrote the article about him in the school paper last year. I thought she was writing it for extra credit but it seems like maybe she was trying to get him interested in her and I guess it worked. She was dating Scott but she started going after Dave anyway. Well it seems like Dave must be a playa because he broke up with Paula and I think he might have been interested in this girl Jill instead who is in charge of the prom decorations. Jill has a boyfriend but Paula thought Dave liked Jill and she got totally mad. She started sending these really mean messages to Jill from this email account she shared with Dave. They used to leave each other secret messages by writing messages and putting them in the drafts folder. Anyway, Jill’s dad is friends with the new social studies teacher, so she told him about the messages and he told her he would look into it, but then get this – ewww – he started sending her shirtless pictures of himself instead! And then he told the assistant principal and now Dave and Paula are in big trouble. And anyway, it turns out that Jill was sending LOTS of texts to this guy John and I bet Dave is going to be really unhappy when he hears about that.

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