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  •  1954-2014, 60 years of white supremacy messaging (25+ / 0-)

    It is stunning in it's simplicity.

    2012 Edition included some of these gems:

    States rights
    Romney on medicaid, "we'll block grant that back to the states"
    [Whistle Translation: White people can continue to PROFIT from denying access to healthcare...]

    Romney on FEMA, "it's always better when you can send it back to the states, and even better when you can send it back to the private sector"
    [Whistle Translation: It's best when white property owners can profit from desperation and scoop up real property in the confusion and chaos after a natural disaster.]

    Forced busing has become even more abstract
    Romney on access to gynecological care,
    "Planned parenthood, we're gonna' get rid of that"
    = "a woman's right to be informed about the feotus"
    = new regulations that effectively shut down women's health clinics in a state,
    [Whistle translation: deny preventive healthcare and more non-white women will die from cancer, from pregnancy, gestational diabetes, ectopic pregnancy, etc.]

    They slipped down their own slippery slope as their opposition to the violence against women act made the news, and their variations on rape started getting attention.

    When Iowa's Steve King said incest is "extremely rare" he was whistling "white fathers don't have sex with their daughters. A pregnancy from incest doesn't happen to a good white Christian girl."

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