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  •  I just learned the meaning of States Rights now! (7+ / 0-)

    I'm a white female over 40. Prior to the emergence of President Obama as a candidate, I thought racism in America while not gone, was certainly greatly diminished.  

    While I had a conservative Archie Bunker style father, I found him piggish, and even he would never make his racist comments in front of folks that he was sure he could control or certain they shared his views.  

    I thought I was very politically savvy and knowledgable.  Frankly, when all of this ugliness toward President Obama starting spewing forth and then continued to amplify, it puzzled me.  Did they realize they said that in their outside voice?  

    In fact I have learned many new dog whistles since President Obama began running for President.

    May they see new light and henceforth be banished with the shame deserved.  May we at least grow and change from these ugly divisive times.

    Letting Republicans run the government is like putting Atheists in charge of a church. They don't believe in it, don't care if it works - and they take no responsibility for the results.

    by orangecurtainlib on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 02:00:56 PM PST

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