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View Diary: What Happens If They Raise the Age for Medicare? (56 comments)

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  •  All of what you said is spot on. (0+ / 0-)

    The problem I'm concerned with is how Medicare can be financially sustained. Obama said Obamacare extends Medicare for eight years. What happens after that? We're going to have to come up with a better source of funding than what exists now. With the economy still floundering, can we raise the percentage of withholding? Don't know.

    •  better source of funding (1+ / 0-)
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      you mean move away from a payroll tax?  Or just slightly increase the payroll tax and negotiate drug costs as other civilized nations do, get some more rational pricing guidelines,  and crackdown on idiocy in test gathering.

      My 82 year old mother with fairly advanced dementia, can't walk because of Parkinsonism, is starting to lose her ability to swallow,  and her doctor is worried about her thyroid and whether she should be seeing a heart specialist.   Or maybe just more tests so that they can justify the cost of a visit. While some of her Parkinson symptoms can be like hypothyroidism,  weakness, confusion, etc.,  why go looking for additional disease to treat for the same symptons when the Parkinson's has been diagnosed and progressing for 8 years?   And we are going to be able to keep her alive longer, is that the goal?  How many years should people who can't remember their grandkids, confuse their child with long deceased siblings, and can't care for their daily needs be kept alive just because more drugs can be sold and more tests run?

      •  I'm sorry about your mother, and sorry for you (1+ / 0-)
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        having to observe her decline. And I'm certainly not equipped to offer a solution. It's just very sad.

        My concern in writing this diary was to begin a conversation. It seems the people who read it are opposed to the discussion, as I've never written a diary that hasn't gotten any tips or rec's. People keep saying that they don't want any changes to Medicare, and get angry with Obama when it seems he is suggesting that. Medicare isn't sustainable in the long run as it exists presently. And I don't know what to change to make it so.

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          None of our present systems for human provision is currently sustainable.  Why pick on the common good...again.  
          Think about it.  Housing? The cost of housing is crazy unaffordable and Wall Street does not allow the cost of shelter to self correct to correlate to prevailing wages.
          Higher education?  This is creating long term debt slaves of our youth.
          Private insurance.  Obama care expressly folded private insurance companies into an attempt at universal health care but, Obama care does not contain the rising cost of premiums, co-pays, exclusions and deductibles.  The Insurance is being made usniversal but the actual care is a different story.  It is increasing the burden of greater and greater risk taken on by working people and small businesses.
          Corporate agriculture is strip mining the soil. breeding and processing toxic and immoral food.
          Our infrastructure is crumbling into third world status while there is plenty of work, there is no pay.
          Those that are working are being worked so hard that they cannot have normal human lives.

          Why pick on the old folks?  The wealth strippers are raking them leaving very little to successive over-populated generations.
          Our nation's schools are overcrowded and are over regulated such that a common teacher has no hope of ever jumping through all the required hoops.
          Nothing is working.  It is all broken and unsustainable.
          The bastards are just singling out the old folk's support system because they are a relatively easy target.

    •  Standardized pricing and treatments would help. (0+ / 0-)

      No more predatory corporate bureaucratic gaming would help.

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