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  •  Anyway, Al (is it okay to call you that?), if you (2+ / 0-)
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    No one gets out alive, lotlizard

    read the comments, which, btw, is considered good etiquette here (you have a low UID, but haven't written much, so, uh... just passing that along FWIW) I'd just like to say a couple of things before I respond to your diary:
    Welcome (or welcome back, or welcome out of the lurker only shadows).  It ain't my site, but you were my VP, so it seems like I should acknowledge your presence.
    Congrats on making the rec list.  It's pretty amazing for someone to make the rec list on his first two diaries.  Hope you get the little thrill that others do when they make it on the rec list.
    Thanks for all the leadership, both in and out of office.  It makes me proud to consider myself a Democrat, when I can cite you and Jimmy Carter as people who used the power of their former office to advance missions of doing good.  Maybe that's because Dems actually believe in good and to Repubs good is a foreign concept.

    Regarding Diary:
    Is this a one time event, or will this be recurring.  I am only seeing this for the first time an hour or two before it's over.  

    After this event, do you have any thoughts about how to utilize the skills and interests of the people here?  Is it all about recruiting folks to join the the Climate Reality Project or is there something unique about this forum and its users that you consider a potential asset to your mission?

    Also, would you consider a diary that says something along the lines of "Hi, I'm Al Gore and I'm here at Daily Kos and I plan on (your intentions here) at Daily Kos".  You are a celebrity.  A lot of folks here dig you.  Would be a sweet treat for many (myself included) and might make for less off topic or longwinded comments.  (I suppose that if you just ket posting it would become normal pretty soon, so really, it would just be sweet treat.)    

    "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars" --Casey Kasem

    by netop on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 02:56:54 PM PST

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