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View Diary: We should be ready to primary/replace Dick Durbin in 2014 (82 comments)

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  •  and he's a downstater. (4+ / 0-)
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    marykk, VClib, JGibson, GoUBears

    and as someone from his hometown, I can say he has an appeal downstate that other dems mentioned don't have. this idea is a bit too far-fetched.

    •  I'm also a downstater (but not his hometown) and (0+ / 0-)

      his willingness to negotiate on SS and Medicare is not playing well here, especially with the elderly and union members.

      There's real unhappiness here with the Democratic Party as a whole who many feel has abandoned its core mission in favor of Wall Street money.

      I continually hear the refrain that Obama and the Democrats bailedl out Wall Street but not Main Street. This willingness on Durbin's part to cut SS and Medicare only strengthens that feeling.

      He will be vulnerable to a primary challenge if he votes to cut SS and Medicare. People around here have just about had it.

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