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View Diary: Peggy Noonan mocked data nerds who won the presidency (334 comments)

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  •  While I like the article and making (1+ / 0-)
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    fun of "my" Republican brethren that got the predictions massively wrong, I think there is a moment to digest and learn somethings here.

    Anybody familiar with Ned Hermann's Whole Brain Dominance Theory (or possibly Miers Briggs, which I hear is similar but I'm not really familiar with) knows that there are 4 general types of people and they are classified according to four colors.  

    Blue = Analytical/data driven
    Yellow= Vision, big picture thinking
    Red= Empathetic/social
    Green= Process driven

    (Apologies if my memory is failing me and if someone can clarify the above feel free to do so)

    Of course, you can be a mixture of these colors or be pretty well balanced.  It's all in how you process the information that you receive.

    Anyway, I'm excessively blue and so I love analysis (part of the reason why I come here) and I love data.  Peggy is most likely a mix between Yellow and Red (or possibly tilted excessively to either yellow or red).  So, yes, she doesn't get blue types.  We share english as a language but communication can be very difficult between the two.  So while she is talking about vibrations and just feeling the Romney momentum, I, as a lifelong Republican (who never voted for a Dem) was looking for data.  Well, we know who had the right data and there was a reason why I floated a $50 bet to my Republican golfing buddies on who would win the election.  But I digress.

    The point being is that Peggy got the election wrong for a very different reason than Barone or probably Will did.  Barone is definitely blue and should have know better.  Will I would also bet is pretty heavy blue and should have known better.   And Dick Morris is a douchebag that is the very representation of the right wing echo chamber.

    For all you blues, I'm guessing you liked the analysis.  For the others, I'm guessing you tuned out long ago!

    We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

    by theotherside on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 05:00:53 PM PST

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