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    You didn’t waiver.  You were an example of what we talk about when we say we’re all in this together.  
    I hate to be a downer but this is pretty much the same as what he said to us in a similar situation in 08.  Then he gutted OFA by folding it into the DNC and the last we heard from them was when Obama had us all turn out for to rally for a health care plan in April 09.  We of course didn't know what we were rallying for since there was no plan but we did learn later that single payer was already off the table.  You will remember the rallying cry was "Yes We Can."  After April 09 there was no more We in the sandwich and FORWARD doesn't mean the same as HOPE.  
    There is an old saying in Tennesee.  Fool me once....Ah, Ah, ...You know, you can't fool me again.  (Paraphrase: Shrub)
    We can move congress if we are unleashed to do so just as congress could not have resisted the millions who supported Obama if we had been unleashed on them to pass health care.  The Tea Party made a huge impact with just a few thousand loudmouths.  How much impact would 50 million Obama supporters make at full cry?  OK, 10 million old farts then.  We'll call it the 10 Million Walker March.

    Action speaks louder than words.  I HOPE that Obama has learned to lead and not lead us off a cliff.  I anxiously wait my marching orders but the president has to lead the charge.  

    A bad idea isn't responsible for those who believe it. ---Stephen Cannell

    by YellerDog on Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 10:55:31 PM PST

    •  For some his presidency will be over and a time (1+ / 0-)
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      in history to examine before they will concede that Barack Obama knows how to lead.  Personally I got it the first time he ran for election.  Hopefully it will become clearer to others before the moment has come and gone.

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      I know many of us felt that if he took to the bully pulpit and mobilized us after the campaign, he would have gotten much farther with the populist elements of his campaign arguments. It just seems logical that Congress would have a much harder time denying him if there are throngs of people actively engaged in making the same point that, YES, THIS IS WHY WE HIRED THIS GUY! THIS IS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!

      Already, you can hear Republicans mincing words about what the intent of the people was in electing Obama. They say it wasn't about the tax increases on the rich, just that they want the Parties to work together. You know what, we do want stuff to get done, but we actually do want specific results. And that's where we come in: being loud and clear about what those specific results are, so it doesn't get left to the pundits and politicians to misconstrue them for the vested interests.

      I don't know how great this will be. but I know it can be great.

      Purging predominantly minority voters and requiring them to present IDs to vote in the face of VIRTUALLY NON-EXISTENT VOTER FRAUD is RACISM! I hereby declare all consenting Republicans RACISTS until they stand up and object to these practices!

      by Words In Action on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 05:23:28 AM PST

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    •  so you are saying you have to (0+ / 0-)

      be told what to do?

      He didn't gut OFA, he combined it so we wouldn't have two organizations working often at cross purposes. We had a mess the weekend before the 2004 election with 4 different groups canvassing the same neighborhood. Not good.

      Call your Dem party now to see what's going on going forward. The 2014 elections are coming.

      I'm asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about real change in Washington ... *I'm asking you to believe in yours.* Barack Obama

      by samddobermann on Fri Nov 16, 2012 at 06:35:13 AM PST

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