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  •  120 million (26+ / 0-)

    voters sit around on Daily Kos and on Nate's NYT blog trying to decide whether they need to vote?

    Voters will turn out, or they won't, irrelevant of the media chatter. All the Romney cheerleading and alternate-reality creating efforts of the Right didn't do shit for them on Election Day.

    •  Sorry, Mr. Kos, Sir, But Your Comment IMHO is (0+ / 0-)

      a reductio ad absurdum argument.  OF COURSE 120 M voters don't let the pundits decide whether they "need to vote."
      But my own behavior (especially involving GOTV) might -- if I look at it honestly -- be affected by predictions from reputable sources.  I'm not proud of this, but it's true.

      And I think it's an important enough question that I just wrote a diary "I Didn't Vote 'Cause Kos Said We'd Win" and posted it, with a poll to try to parse out how much predictions can affect voting and GOTV. (Warning:  Shameless but possibly apropos Diary Pimping follows)

      Self-Pimped Diary Here

      If you and Nate and Drew had said that Obama, and all the down-ticket races that I support were 99% likely to win, how hard would I have worked to make that happen?

      I'm not sure.  That's why I think this topic bears further discussion.

      I still think that you are one of the most amazing phenomenons of the internet age.  But that doesn't mean you are always right!

      With Sincere Appreciation,
      Lurker Since '03

      "So, Pal, now tell me: What did YOU do to help the least among your people?" "Well, ummm, Mr. God, Sir..."

      by lurkersince03 on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 11:30:56 AM PST

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