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    These results just re-confirm my fear that certain saavy Republicans try to rig the Ohio results, by electronicaly switching votes from Democrat to Republican.

    Markos, Nate, and Lizner all either accurately predicted the correct percentage margin of victory for Obama, or under reported Obama's margin of victory.  This occurred in all states EXCEPT Ohio, in which all three over reported the percentage of the margin of victory.

    My theory is that when the election is close in Ohio, votes are automatically switched from Democrat to Republican.  This did not occur in 2008 because the margin of victory for Obama was going to be too big, and it would be too risky to rig the results in Ohio - more chance of getting caught.

    When Karl Rove claimed that the Romney would win Ohio, even after the Ohio results were called for Obama, why was that?  What did he know that we didn't? I predict the same thing happened in Florida in 2000.

    I wish some powers that be would look into this!  My guess is that Obama actually won the election in Ohio by 5 percentage points, not 2.

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