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View Diary: Did Eric Cantor and/or Shirtless FBI Agent Leak Info. To Romney & Bob Woodward? (49 comments)

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  •  I think Eric Cantor is not getting nearly the (3+ / 0-)
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    amount of focus he should be.  His name is rarely mentioned and when it is, it is almost as an afterthought.  I am very interested in the timeline for when this FBI guy first contacted Reichert and subsequently when he met with Cantor.  Also, how long after that did Cantor contact Mueller?  What is the protocol that Cantor should have followed when he received this information from a "whistleblower"?  Who else did Reichert/Cantor notify or speak to regarding this matter?  (Woodward?)

    I thank you for this diary because, although it is a great deal of speculation, at least you are speculating about something that the media is not even questioning.  

    Also, the media is not giving much play to the "shirtless" FBI guy, except to constantly mention that he sent shirtless pics to Kelly.  I read one article which stated the guy was politically motivated to get this story out before the election in order to hurt President Obama.  Was this Cantor's motivation as well?  

    It is my contention that had Cantor not contacted the FBI, Petraeus would still have his job and this whole fiasco would not be playing out now.  

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