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View Diary: For Homeless Families, November Brings The Worst Sort Of Chill (3 comments)

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  •  I always thought (0+ / 0-)

    that your predicament may give you a perspective that may allow you to learn some skills that some would deem very valuable.

    Follow me here, there is a million/billion dollar prepper survivalist economy and its growing by leaps and bounds each year as more and more people have a gut feeling that "it" could go wrong suddenly.

    Anyway my thought is this, along with writing a book about homelessness in america etc,  another book and angle you could write would be " surviving in post apocalypse america"  or something along those lines.  because who better to know how to survive when the electric goes down, or the banks close, or what ever some envision happening then  you, the people who are already living and learning how to.

    I think there is an opportunity there because if indeed the grid goes down, or hyperinflation hits or what have you, our entire society gets flipped on it head.  The farmers, and those who know how to live with less suddenly have the most important skills in society.

    Just a thought.

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