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View Diary: Nancy Pelosi will continue as House Democratic Leader (72 comments)

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    Would appreciate some insight here.  I'm seriously trying to understand the tradeoff with her staying on as minority leader and may not fully appreciate the power of a minority leader in the House.  EdMass has some good points a few comments above.

    She's absolutely fantastic, deserves HUGE thanks - and at the risk of being trite is a national hero.  However:
    - I don't see what she can do inside the House lifelines that any new leader couldn't
    - WIth a President and Senate in place, the fight for our future during the next four years is outside Capitol Hill.  Pelosi brings little to that effort - the opportunity costs with her in the leadership seat - the face of the Democratic Party in the House - and not not someone else WITH a fresh start are significant.
    - I'm not sure what she can do to add a significant amount of seats in the 2014 cycle.

    If stepping down now (or in the next year) after not leading the caucus to a majority during two election cycles isn't the right time, when is?

    The only good argument for staying now:  avoid a leadership fight until the president's agenda solidifies in the next Congress.

    Again, sincerely asking - not trying to make a point.  Comments from anyone who knows House internal dynamics WRT minority leader power?  Thanks.

    •  Well, (0+ / 0-)

      Nancy Pelosi is a GREAT Minority Leader/Speaker. She is tough as nails and keep the troops lined up and marching forward. That's why she's valuable as and where she is. Steny Hoyer, on the other hand, can kiss my ass.

      E Pluribus Unum does NOT mean "every man for himself"

      by Daddy Love on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 12:19:55 PM PST

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