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View Diary: 'Fix the Debt' operates as a front for corporate tax breaks and cuts in government social programs (127 comments)

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  •  Digby: "let's make a deal (before the.. (13+ / 0-)

    ..deficit goes away on it's own.),

    You know that deficit that's killing us? The one we're going to fix by "asking the rich to pay a little bit more" and cutting benefits for everyone else? What if the scam is even worse than we thought?
    ..with quotes from Dean Baker
    [T]he big stick for the deficit hawks was their story of huge deficits in the longer term. They attributed these to the rising cost of “entitlements,” which are known to the rest of us as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
    I've been cynical about this whole exercise and don't believe we should do much of anything other than stimulate the economy for the time being. I know that this sense of panic over the the whole thing is a contrivance to force unpopular action. But I have to admit I didn't realize that we had evidence emerging that the deficit projections were already falling short and that there's good reason to suspect that they will be far short of what these fearmongers are selling.

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