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View Diary: Nancy Pelosi swats down Luke Russert's 'offensive' question with a lesson on earning your job (305 comments)

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  •  I am not criticizing her politics (0+ / 0-)

    which I generally like, though I believe she is a weak advocate for them.  (Sure, the Affordable Care Act was a massive victory, but she and Harry Reid did a supremely crappy job of explaining it and selling it to the American people, so a legislative victory translated into a crushing electoral defeat a few months later.)

    I am glad she was able to accomplish what she has in her career.  

    What am I asking for?  A Democratic leader who does not drag down the President's legislative agenda due to her own personal unpopularity (even if it's unfair).  

    •  nancy is not a weak advocate (3+ / 0-)
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      for anyone who is comfortable with a strong female leader.  and there are lot of people, women and men, who are not.  and quite frankly--based on your comments in this thread--i'd put you out there with russert.

      Her tone, her laugh, her condescension, her chorus of snickering acolytes.
      that just smells...

      any woman who has ever held a leadership position understands the tightrope of double standard that has to be walked every day.  and quite frankly, i'm super duper impressed with how she walks it.  it's graceful and dignified, and demonstrates a patience for stupid people that i hope i can dare to have.   (particularly during the bush administration--oh holy sh*t)

      and for those people who want to buy into the bullsh*t and attack her on cosmetics (see your comment above) and not on're never going to be comfortable with a powerful woman in that position anyway.  and i'm not calling you a sexist.  the reason you're not going to be comfortable is because the mysoginist bastards on the right are never going to be comfortable.  and right now, they're writing your talking points.

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