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View Diary: Nancy Pelosi swats down Luke Russert's 'offensive' question with a lesson on earning your job (305 comments)

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  •  Luke Russert needs to look up this word (1+ / 0-)
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    nepotism |ˈnepəˌtizəm|
    the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, esp. by giving them jobs.
    nepotist noun
    nepotistic |ˌnepəˈtistik| adjective
    ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French népotisme, from Italian nepotismo, from nipote ‘nephew’ (with reference to privileges bestowed on the “nephews” of popes, who were in many cases their illegitimate sons).

    It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. ~ Helen Keller

    by Pam from Calif on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 11:38:17 AM PST

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