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    Genesis 2 clearly states that got breathed his breath into Adams nostrils and gave him a soul, thus until God breathes his breath into a baby, upon birth, there is no soul and therefore, no person.

    Look at the dry bones passages later on in the old testament.

    There are also other things that the righties rely upon.  For instance, the passage about about God having known you since before you were born is often used.

    The point being, there is nothing clear cut in the Bible one way or another.  For Protestants, It should be up to everyone's own individual conscience as to what God meant.  Not so much for Catholics who believe that the Pope in inerant (well except for the 98% of American Catholics who haven't followed church teachings on birth control and are going to hell).  Then of course there is the new non-denominational "cult of personality" churches who also believe that their current pastor is inerant and whatever he says goes, and I do mean he.

    As you can tell, I'm a Protestant pro-choicer and always have been.

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