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View Diary: One GIF Shows Why We Should Have a Financial Transaction Tax (15 comments)

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    The volume of futures trading fell by 98% and the options trading market disappeared. On 15 April 1990, the tax on fixed-income securities was abolished. In January 1991 the rates on the remaining taxes were cut in half and by the end of the year they were abolished completely.
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      Companies gradually avoided trading on the Swedish bourse and the government had to give up on the initiative.
      It has to be a concerted effort, there may be a glimmer of hope -  EU calls for 'Tobin' tax in a move to raise direct revenue (article from June 2011). The Brits/Cameron are not too enthused given London's importance to global finance.

      Why not reign in the greedy bankers? Check this video from 2010 - The Robin Hood Tax:

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