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  •  I'm sick of these whiny Tea Baggers and wingnuts (5+ / 0-)

    in general who are so "hurt" by our "liberal" ideals and policies.  Because the only way that our policies/ideals actually "hurt" them is by hurting their feelings.  Or their idea of how something should be.  Gay marriage?  Affects them ZERO.  Just hurts their bible feelings and makes God cry.  Immigration?  Doesn't affect them in the slightest, except it upsets their idea of what America should look like.  Contraception?  Again, more God crying.  Abortion?  Yet more God crying.  Healthcare?  Hurts Freedomz and stuff.  Etc. etc.  Whereas the batshit crazy GOP agenda actually DOES hurt people.  And in a lot of cases, KILLS them.  Want to be able to afford healthcare?  Too bad!  Go away and die already.  Want to actually get your Social Security when you hit 65/67?  Too bad!  It all went belly up with the latest stock market crash.  Keep working at your brick laying job until you're 80, or go live on the streets.

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