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    at that pointillistic electoral map, it points to a reality that seems to escape a lot of folks. No matter the state, rural areas tend to vote alike, wealthier suburbs tend to vote alike, urban core areas - especially ones with big universities - tend to vote alike. As a resident of Texas, more specifically of Travis County, I tire of the endless stereotyping by state by people who believe they are "liberal". Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio have more in common sociologically and politically with other large urban areas around the country like Denver and Milwaukee than they do with Amarillo TX. Orange County CA has more in common with Plano and Rockwall TX than it does with either San Francisco or rural inland areas of California. So it would be really nice if the people who refer to themselves as "liberal" or "progressive" would refrain from engaging in negative stereotyping or calling for any states to secede based on a state's electoral votes. The electoral state map does not show the millions of Democratic voters in Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Utah, etc., nor does it show the millions of Republican voters in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc. Many of us in Austin, San Antonio and Dallas are as progressive as folks in San Francisco, CA and Madison, WI. And "blue states" elect some of the most regressive politicians. Duncan Hunter, Darrell Issa, Dana Rohrbacher, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachman, ... do not come from the South nor from Utah or Idaho. Thanks for your consideration.

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