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  •  Yes, he is arrogant/irrational - - Like Brokaw (13+ / 0-)

    Luke displayed all his limitations and insensitivity today and he will and should endure some serious snapping.

    But, I want to note that the Anchor Emeritus on MSNBC Tom Brokaw just committed a more dangerous act of "message journalism."

    In discussing the upcoming Presidential news conference, Brokaw correctly noted that the President will want to talk about the Fiscal situation but then Brokaw said:  Paraphrase below

    "But having been in that room during Watergate and other scandals, I can tell you that most questions will be concerning the Petreus affair and Benghazi, and that is distressing b/c "scandals" take up so much time/energy when their are other pressing needs."

    Luke was an adolescent incompetent.

    Brokaw was dangerous.  See what he did?  He slickly put the Petreus affair (a thing about sex and emails!) and WATERGATE!  And he also included Benghazi in that same sentence!  He then referred to them as "scandals" that will be followed closely.

    F.U. Tom!  You are pushing your increasingly concern troll mantra further and further every f'ing week.  I am still not sure what Petreus did that is so "scandalous" from the President's perspective - - the scandal is just as likely to involve Eric Cantor.  Plus, the "Benghazi Scandal" is a "scandal" only b/c the Right Wing pounded it into the ground in an attempt to steal the election.  When one simply looks at the facts put out by the CIA, there is no "there" there.

    But, Brokaw is on the case!  He smells blood and is legitimizing and hyping these non-issues even better than Fox news.  Sorry for off topic, but had to get it off my chest.

    Blessed are the peacemakers, the poor, the meek and the sick. Message to Repug Fundies: "DO you really wonder "what would Jesus do?" I didn't think so.

    by 4CasandChlo on Wed Nov 14, 2012 at 10:40:54 AM PST

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