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  •  And Gilliard's death was the worst thing (7+ / 0-)

    It staggered us all.

    Part of the class system that kills.

    •  1729 here (9+ / 0-)

      and I miss Gilly still. what Steve would have made of all of this!

      for those who may be don't know about this brilliant man, he predicted the madness of the Iraq war, taught so many so much: we were all devastated when he passed way too early...

      Steve at Wikipedia

      an excerpt from Steve's 'I'm a Fighting Liberal'

      You know, I've studied history, I've read about America and you know something, if it weren't for liberals, we'd be living in a dark, evil country, far worse than anything Bush could conjure up. A world where children were told to piss on the side of the road because they weren't fit to pee in a white outhouse, where women had to get back alley abortions and where rape was a joke, unless the alleged criminal was black, whereupon he was hung from a tree and castrated.

      What has conservatism given America? A stable social order? A peaceful homelife? Respect for law and order? No. Hell, no. It hasn't given us anything we didn't have and it wants to take away our freedoms.

      The Founding Fathers, as flawed as they were, slaveowners and pornographers, smugglers and terrorists, understood one thing, a man's path to God needed no help from the state. Is the religion of these conservatives so fragile that they need the state to prop it up, to tell us how to pray and think? Is that what they stand for? Is that their America?...

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